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14th September 2007
Woo, a bonus extra comic for Friday!

Basically, an excuse for me to procrastinate a bit more - need to start the 4110 assignment, finish the 4800 report, and finish the 4610 assignment...

Anyway, next week will be guest strips from my friend Leo, since I'm likely to be busy with the stuff I've been procrastinating about...

As a bonus, this site now has an RSS feed - that is, if I can remember to update it whenever I update this comic, since I have to keep everything manually updated on googlepages due to lack of scripting (hence why there aren't any previous/next comic links). If the RSS feed doesn't work, please email me and say so!

Enjoy the last few days of the non-teaching break, and I'll see you all again in about a week and a half with more of my content!


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