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30. ComicOS Upgrade

17th December 2007
So, no more checking the computer clock for dates, no more 4-step update process (new page-update list-update homepage-update rss feed), and NO MORE GOOGLEPAGES!

Epic-length comic for Friday for graduation.

And yes, my screen floats in mid air. Magical wish-granting planks, people!

- Luke


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By SETIgal at 4:47am 17th December 2007
Luke, I am your NUMBER ONE fan.

Can you do a comic just for mee?

I would like one about coffee....about how it brings people closer together, about how it stimulates the synthesis of new and brilliant ideas, about how it comes in so many different and beautiful forms, and about how lattes are better than flat whites....

You're so talented, i'm sure you could create a wonderful comic about coffee.


By SETIgal's Boyfriend at 7:00am 17th December 2007
No, I'M your number one fan.
By Huy at 6:04pm 17th December 2007
A HAPPY CUSTOMER :D now shower us with more admiration and money.
By Rohan at 6:05pm 17th December 2007
This just in: ComicHub now looks about right in IE 6 and 7 :D
Now, where can I find myself a magical wish-granting plank?
By Huy at 6:06pm 17th December 2007
hmm i want a stalker also.. :( .. :P
By Bekee at 5:13am 18th December 2007
HORRAY for being able to comment! XD
By Jack at 5:45pm 19th December 2007
Rohan: IE6/7 should be supported on a If it works great. If not complaints to"."
By Jack at 5:48pm 19th December 2007
Also, you probably want some way of isolating what exactly is a URL, since it's picked up the closing quote. Maybe use some standardised syntax convention? Markdown?
By jazza at 8:44am 22nd December 2007
woohoo, go luke! nothing like comments on a webcomic.. now we can rip into you when you misquote us :D