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31. Bright Uni Days

21st December 2007
Epic-length graduation comic :)

To the tune of Bright College Days by Tom Lehrer possibly with some sylables completely out of whack. If you've somehow never been subjected to Tom Leher (or wish to watch my dodgy slideshow movie clip) then you can listen to it (with pics from the comic) here: .

Yay! Graduated!

Congrats to everyone who graduated this year and good luck for those who are still working hard so they can graduate in the future!

Upcoming comics: Christmas special on Monday or Tuesday then most likely a filler comic on Friday then New Year's special on the last Monday of the year (New Year's Eve) and then back to the normal bi-weekly updates.

Have fun!

- Luke


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By Jack at 6:32am 21st December 2007
The drawing of Shayne is great.
By Bekee at 3:15am 27th December 2007
LUKE! That is awesome! So, so awesome.
By Rohan at 2:14am 30th December 2007
I second the awesomeness :D
By James at 2:22am 21st April 2009