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314. Mass Effect 2: Heat Issues

2nd February 2010
Here we go, a run through of Mass Effect 2, concentrating on the good and bad things of the game IMO.

#1: Ok, I kind of understand disposable heat-sink clips - supposedly trained soldiers can change clips faster than the gun would be able to cool down with an integral heat-sink. But... wouldn't you still put some kind of integral heat-sink in the gun just in case so that if you run out of disposable heat-sink clips you can _still fire_?

#2: What kind of idiot stores a gun without any ammo in the same room _at all_?!

Next time: something good :)

- Luke


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By Leo at 7:38pm 2nd February 2010
I bet the gun can't multitask and doesn't have flash, either.
By Rohan at 10:34pm 2nd February 2010
I think that might actually be a requirement for gun licences (ammo not in the same room)? But that's in the real world, not in an actual combat situation...