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315. Mass Effect 2: Jumping For Joy

6th February 2010
... is still not possible.

However, at least now you can vault over low cover which means it's a lot easier to get yourself out of cover.

Also if you sprint to a piece of cover you'll automatically take cover behind it once you get there.

Added to that it's now a button press to go into cover it's no longer automatic (in ME1 to go into cover you just tried to walk into it - which was incredibly annoying if you were trying to inch your way around something or just happened to clip the edge of some terrain when you were running places). So now you can stand behind low cover in plain view if you really want to.

So the cover dynamic has really been fixed. Of course that presents a few new problems...

- Luke


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By eolh at 4:22pm 8th February 2010
FPS games are still too stupid.