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316. Mass Effect 2: There's an explaination for everything, apparently

9th February 2010
This doesn't actually occur in the game, but then again I haven't read through all the in-game codex entries (which explain a surprising amount about the in-game mechanics behind things). If the game tried to explain your new-found ability to vault over low obstacles yet still be unable to jump three inches or push anything around, this might be it.


Next time: actual combat!

- Luke


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By eolh at 5:07pm 10th February 2010
Hey, are we up to Code Spammer's Paradise v2.0 yet?
By ComicWriterLuke at 12:21pm 11th February 2010
I guess since I moved from googlepages to this one, technically this is at least version 1.1

Version 2 probably will happen if I ever get my own site for the comic.