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32. We Wish You an Emo Christmas

24th December 2007
So, Leo and I were in Big W one day... and we saw this Christmas tree - black, with silver decorations (and little white lights, if I remember correctly). The only thing that would have made it more freaky would be if the decorations were razor blades dripping with blood...

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone, and hope that your day is jolly, with mistletoe and holly, and other things ending in 'olly'.

Take care,

- Luke

PS: If you haven't seen the epic-length graduation comic yet due to the rss feed changeover, you should! I put four times as much time into that comic (mainly coz it's four times as long...) :P


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By Raiph at 7:43am 24th December 2007
By Luke at 2:32pm 26th December 2007
Haha thanks Luke