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320. ANUSA never learns their lessons

24th February 2010
... regarding market day stall placement, it seems.

Sorry it's a week late (Market Day was last week), and I've been irregularly updating. Work, work, work.



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By eolh at 3:56pm 25th February 2010
I think the guys with swords and axes and armour beat the zombies. And humans with fake guns.
By S at 11:21pm 26th February 2010
By Rohan at 11:48pm 26th February 2010
Shield blocks nerf. Medieval win :p
By eolh at 3:58pm 15th March 2010
Over 2 weeks ago? Where is he?
By ComicWriterLuke at 10:28am 16th March 2010
Busy. Just finished a paper, so theoretically this means I'll again have time and energy and motivation to start comics again.