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339. Back, finally!

27th May 2011
So, I'm still alive, and I'm finally (after 9 months) back with the webcomics.

And with a new site!

Yeah, I still haven't done a css for this yet, so it looks a bit plain and boring and dodgy, but I'll get around to it soon. I'm still fixing up a few back-stage bugs (which you guys won't be able to see), then I'll get to making it look a bit nicer.

I've switched to a once-a-week upload schedule too, so hopefully I won't get burnt out and hopefully I can keep up.



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By Luke at 5:23pm 27th May 2011
Right, comments are working now. Sorry about that, email me (address is on the comic) if anything else doesn't seem to be working (apart from the formatting, which I haven't done yet).
By Leo at 11:26am 28th May 2011
About bloody time...
By Rohan at 8:30am 30th May 2011
W00t! Working comments :D Now you can:

body { background-color: #0f0; }
body:hover { background-color: #f00; }

Do eeeet :p
By Jazza at 3:48pm 30th May 2011
i require humour!
By Luke at 4:17pm 1st June 2011
Woo, css!