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34. An arbitarily-defined calendar event approaches...

30th December 2007
So, here ends 2007.






All I can remember of this year is uni, uni, and more uni. The joy at finally finishing has been tempered with not knowing what the hell I wanted to do next, and with the PhD I'm doing now it means that well, my uni career still isn't over. Dang.

Every year I seem to look back and realise that I haven't actually *acomplished* anything... this year's a little different (since I have a not-so-shiny piece of paper that says I'm technically qualified to do something), but apart from that, my life isn't any different, I'm still doing the same things I was doing a year ago...

Oh well. There's always next year.

Take care, and see you all on the far side of an arbitarily-defined calendar event,

- Luke


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By Dogbert at 10:49pm 30th December 2007
*cough* Dilbert rip *cough*
By Bekee at 11:26pm 30th December 2007
Happy new year!

Yeah, that's all I have too. See you at Uni next year. At least you'll have post-grad" status. That means you're important or something.

Or something. ;)"
By Jack at 2:47am 31st December 2007
Yeah, why is *this* particular position of the earth in space so important? Not to mention that there will be 24 distinct new year's eves due to time zonage.

Thought any more on the PhD. Topic?

It's good that there'll be a few of us back at uni next year. You'll nearly have your PhD. by the time I get my bachelor's degrees. How's that for strange timings?
By B at 10:37pm 31st December 2007
Whoever the short person is in your comic is totally rockin' she raises up the caliber of the comic approximately 10 fold.
Happy new year sorry I couldn't make it last night, hope you guys had a lovely time
By Luke at 10:54pm 31st December 2007
Happy new year everyone :) I woke up at 1pm today, hopefully that doesn't set a precedent for the rest of the year...

Gotta organise PhD and work out what the hell my topic (at least for the first few months) will be, and still have to let ComSuper I'm not actually going to work for them. Still, it'll be good to go back to uni and see most ppl again - not seeing anyone anymore was one thing I was really not looking forward to with work.