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36. There and Back Again, by Top Gear

7th January 2008
For those of you who don't watch Top Gear, today's episode involved Jeremy Clarkson and James May in a specially-converted Toyota Hilux raced Richard Hammond on a dog-sled to the (magnetic) North Pole. It took them a couple of days, with the Hilux getting stuck on numerous occasions on ice and snow (and nearly sinking at one point), but eventually they did make it and they did beat Hammond and the dogs there.


When they got there, they were nearly empty on fuel, running low on food, and really rather buggered overall. Presumably the trip back was just as fun-filled with getting stuck, after someone topped up their tank...

- Luke


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By B at 6:43am 7th January 2008
I wanted Hammond to win!! :(

I just loved it when James was getting pissy I'm absolutely outraged with you he said in a calm and even voice
By Bekee at 12:57am 8th January 2008
Hee hee, I think I watched that episode last year with James Hyland... in the project room... oh yeah, we got a lot of work done in that room.
By Raiph at 1:41am 9th January 2008
oooo, ads now. You'll be rich in no time.
By Luke at 6:32am 9th January 2008
The revenue from the project wonderful ads don't go to me - they go to Rohan and co who produce this website and let me post comics on it for free :)