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37. thinking...

11th January 2008
Well, not only do I have nothing on my PhD proposal, I also have nothing for a good comic... :(

In actuality (is that a word?), I've got four dot points on my research proposal so far. Hopefully they'll expand themselves out to a page by Monday...

See you all on the far side of the weekend, when I should be slightly more motivated to do a comic with somewhat more content... maybe.

- Luke


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By Luconium at 3:13am 11th January 2008
Hey - research is fun :D I hope you enjoy it.
By Bekee at 9:22am 12th January 2008
I just thought I'd send you a message from Japan. ;)

Dr N-H. That's what you're going to be called, because no-one will be able to pronounce your last name!
By Rohan at 7:12pm 12th January 2008
I think actuality is a word :)