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38. Chest-deep in little plastic things

14th January 2008
So, I caved and bought the LEGO Collector's Edition Millenium Falcon, the biggest LEGO set ever made, containing over 5000 pieces (which admittedly if piled up is probably about mid-lower leg deep)...

And now, after about 12 hours, blisters on my fingertips, and no longer having any usable space on the desk in my room (not that I ever used it for anything other than storage), I now have a ridiculously big LEGO Millenium Falcon! :D

However, I still have two 2x2 flat dark grey pieces that I have no idea where they go, even after totalling the number of pieces that I can see are used in the instructions vs the number of pieces in the piece count at the back (used and counted 30 in the instructions, piece count says 32). Raiph, you'll have to put yours together and see if you end up with the same problem - although it's probably just because I'm blind and tend not to be very careful when following instructions.

- Luke


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By Raiph at 5:34am 14th January 2008
I'll probably be done tomorrow. I'll check then. THANK you so much for using the term Lego as opposed to Legos. It really annoys me when people add the s. It happens to other things too, like people calling the store Myer's when clearly there are only 4 letter in the name.
By Raiph at 5:34am 14th January 2008
Oh, and only 12 hours, that's a pretty good effort.
By B at 6:26am 14th January 2008
Oh and don't you look so pretty in that strapless dress I see there
By Luke1 at 1:29pm 14th January 2008
Who's the lucky girl?
By B at 11:23pm 15th January 2008
You apparently :P
By Setigal at 4:03pm 4th March 2008
Okay so I only just got that dig at me. Bit slow...

But Raiph...its MYERS.