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40. Not the recommended way of testing spray bottles

21st January 2008
Not much news to report over here, still ironing out details for PhD stuff and bumming around in general.

As a public service announcement into the dangers of incautious spray-bottle usage, I thought I'd make the 40th strip this one instead of bowling part 2. This story was told to us by the short person depicted, however luckily she didn't suffer any permanent injury.

- Luke


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By Luke 1 at 8:44pm 21st January 2008
Short... person...
By B at 1:15am 22nd January 2008
Well as they say any publicity is good publicity!

You'll miss me when I head over to Perth, no more acts of meaningless stupidity!
By Dave at 1:16am 22nd January 2008
Haha. Awesome
By Jarrett Williams at 3:38am 22nd January 2008
the spray can gag never gets old. lol. keep this going man. when does this update?
By Luke (ie comic writer Luk at 6:03am 22nd January 2008
B: I'm sure there will be acts of meaningless stupidity, it's just that we won't be around to hear about them anymore =P

Jarrett: Updates Mondays and Fridays. Nice comic btw! :)