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41. Bowling Part 2: S[t]uck

25th January 2008
Yeah, we kept missing the middle pin for a while during our games...

Still not much news, except that I'm very very envious of certain friends who are in Japan at the moment. Grr.

Once the paperwork goes through and all that I'll be starting my PhD - I'll probably negotiate to start at the same time as everyone else does at uni. I'm still enjoying my holiday filled with not doing much here :)

Also, since if I wasn't doing a PhD I would have started work yesterday, it feels like I'm stealing holidays from the time I should be working... and it feels great!

- Luke


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By Raiph at 5:25am 25th January 2008
Wohoo! My first appearance!
By Luke at 1:14am 26th January 2008
I'm not sure if your hair is right, since for some reason I couldn't log onto facebook to check :)
By James at 8:49pm 19th February 2008
Nice my first appearance too