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42. A Kind of Multiculturalism

28th January 2008
Hope everyone had a good Australia Day long weekend!

Mine was filled with gluing my fingers together while assembling Warhammer minatures, covering my hands with GW paints, spraypaint, and housepaint (in that order), and trying to think up new comic strips.

Come to think of it, that's pretty much a normal weekend for me, except for the housepaint.

I'm not really happy with this comic, but it's the only remotely Australia-Day related thing that's happened to me all weekend, so that's what you get.

- Luke


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By Raiph at 4:52am 28th January 2008
I like it Luke.
Oh course, anything that takes my mind away from the fact that I start work tomorrow will appeal to me.
By Bekee at 8:46pm 28th January 2008
Happy Australia Day! I was so busy picking strawberries and stuffing myself with them that I forgot it was Australia Day. Oops.
Though I did go to an Australian Steak house with some Japanese friends last night. Does that count for anything? They had (and I'm quoting straight from the menu) ripper prawns" and "bloody onions". Awesome."
By James at 8:53pm 28th January 2008
urrk, bloody onions. Did you goto CanCon, Luke?
By jazza at 5:12am 29th January 2008
britian hey luke?
but seriously, thanks for the lulz, i likey the webcomic :D
hey and raiph, really tomorrow/now today? go you!
By Luke at 5:49pm 29th January 2008
:P ok, I can't spell. My brain's suffering from a few months of non-use...

Ripper Prawns" and "Blood onions"? lol!

And I just dropped into Cancon for an hour on Saturday to have a browse and pick up some bargains (ended up not actually buying much tho)."