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43. Bowling Part 3: On a Roll

1st February 2008
Yes, those are the actual scores. I didn't change any!

However, to put them into a bit of perpsective, those are the scores from the last game out of the 3 we played. The person who scored 79 in the one shown won the previous two with 105 and 113, so he doesn't actually suck as much as that last score suggests. And, my first game's score was 78, the lowest score of the night - it takes me a while to get going :)

And yes, this comic-arc was purely so I could show off my score, if you haven't guessed already!

Enjoy the last few weeks of holidays for those of you who aren't working... for those of you who have already started work... =P pfffthphtttt!

- Luke


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By Raiph at 5:57am 1st February 2008
I love this one Luke! I may have started work but I'm being paid a full time salary. =) pfffthphtttt!
By Luke1 at 12:45am 2nd February 2008
Peh. I was hoping this would be something about food.
By B at 3:46pm 2nd February 2008
Show off :P
Oh and can you make thurs?
By Erica at 12:44am 4th February 2008
Dear Luke,
I want you to draw some comics with Rohan in them.

Love Erica