Code Spammer's Paradise

44. Web Host: 1; Gullible Moron: 0

4th February 2008
No, it's not actually like this =P

Well... _yes_, I am doing these comics for free.

And _yes_, all the ad revenue goes to Rohan & Co.

And _yes_, I know all this and am still making comics. =)

But, the difference is, I'm not a gullible moron because I _knew_ all of this going into it, and therefore since I know what's going on I'm not gullible. I might still be a moron because I might have a (very slim) chance of making some money off this comic if I tried, but I've given it all away to Rohan and Co for free webhosting space in return...

Which, considering the ad bids haven't gone above 9 cents or so, is probably a really good deal for me =D

- Luke


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By Luke at 4:18am 4th February 2008
Wow, you actually went to uni?
By Raiph at 5:04am 4th February 2008
Web space. That's a form of payment isn't it? You're not doing it for free; you're doing it for free space! A subtle difference but don't devalue what you do.
We love you Luke. YAAAAAY!
By Rohan at 7:58pm 4th February 2008
I think we average about $0.03 per day off the ads. If you think of it like paying $0.03 per day to have your comic hosted, it's a pretty good deal :p
By Erica at 10:02pm 1st March 2008
I like Rohan's hair. It's nice and flat!