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46. I wonder if it's possible to speak in Comic Sans?

11th February 2008
Well... why are there so many different fonts, especially since most of them are crap?

Anyway, if you're like me and believe that Comic Sans should be banned forever, say Aye.

No other news - I'm supposed to get getting even more forms to fill out for my PhD sometime this week...

- Luke


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By Rohan at 5:25pm 11th February 2008
This being a comic, wouldn't comic sans be ideal? :p
By ComicWriterLuke at 6:08pm 11th February 2008
The original last line was going to be If I ever write a webcomic it's so not going to use Comic Sans." but I'm trying to avoid fourth-wall incidents..."
By Raiph at 7:15pm 11th February 2008
Aye! And science teachers use it all the time. Comic sans does NOT make a science exam more entertaining!
I've become quite the fan of Calibri though.

I'd like to write a maths exam in windings though.
By B at 8:40pm 11th February 2008
That's because you're a nasty nasty person Raiph!