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47. A Random Thursday Update

14th February 2008
I've been saving this one ever since the Love Is... thing went 'round...

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!

- Luke


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By Raiph at 6:45pm 14th February 2008
Nothing funnier than seeing school kids celebrating Valentine's Day, especially grade 10s first thing in the morning.
By Bekee at 10:21pm 14th February 2008
WOHOO! Happy Thursday!

Valentine's Day is silly.
By Luke1 at 11:25pm 14th February 2008
*cough* well SOME people did something really special with their girlfriend... really, really special...

By jazza at 12:12am 15th February 2008
a happy thursday to you all!
how many years till hallmark has happy thursday cards? gotta be some good profit on that..
By Raph at 9:06am 16th February 2008
I just flicked through a newspaper today and there was a section of community comments on Valentine's Day. One guy said Valentine's Day is commerical rubbish." I'm inclined to agree."
By Raph at 9:07am 16th February 2008
...and why are you still Copyright 2007? Catch up with the times, Luke!
By Fari at 2:29am 18th February 2008
Just finished reading all 47 of the comic brain is overflowing with stickmen LOL!!
By SetiGal at 4:09pm 4th March 2008
amen Moo