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48. The Future...

18th February 2008
Gearing up for PhD... kind of. Actually, I have no idea what the heck I'm supposed to actually do during the first few weeks... hopefully someone will give me some help =)

Not much other news... I'll have to find something else to write about for Friday's comic, and then it's into the wonderful world of PhD comic strips for the next three years (!).


- Luke


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By Raph at 11:05pm 18th February 2008
What's your PhD about? I didn't know you were doing one.
And wow, you must have you life planned out like ants if you have already decided to spend 40 years in bureaucratic ludicrosity.
By ComicWriterLuke at 1:45pm 19th February 2008
Yeah, I didn't know I was doing a PhD either until very late last year...

As to my topic? Well, there are some ideas floating around, but I do have six months to figure something out =) It looks like it'll be something based around a case study into applying software engineering practices to software projects in non-software fields or something like that.

Before the PhD, I was just going to go into a public service job... hence the next 40 years reference.
By James H at 8:52pm 19th February 2008
Got a topic yet though mate thats the qestion
By Leo at 10:08am 23rd February 2008
40 years in the APS is for wimps. I'm shooting for at least 45-50, dammit.
By Erica at 10:03pm 1st March 2008
Groan... 40 years