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49. Market Day 2008

22nd February 2008
Yeah, something like this happens every single Market Day. Why do they _always_ put the Labor and Liberals stalls right next to each other?

In unrelated news, look at - a song written from random lines provided by Dilbert readers... very, very random lines (really, listen to the words and you'll see!)

Last weekend of freedom. I'm enjoying it =)

- Luke


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By Raiph at 5:24pm 22nd February 2008
ha ha. I love it!
By Rohan at 6:57pm 22nd February 2008
Doh, I'm totally holding my bokken at the wrong angle, Bekee's gonna pwn me :(
By Bekee at 7:27pm 22nd February 2008
That made me giggle out loud. Nice!

Rohan: Only if we keep our distance! Once we're in close, BAM, I'm deeeeead.
By Raph at 9:16pm 22nd February 2008
Whoa, that Aikido master is going to slice his brain in half. I like it.
By B at 11:00am 25th February 2008
ANU is apparently more hardcore than UWA. People were most bemused by the concept of bushweek - here they just write politically incorrect newpapers and march through the town...
By Erica at 10:04pm 1st March 2008