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50. An auspicious start...

25th February 2008
Well yeah. TSG takes at least a day to do anything that you tell them to, so if I'm lucky I'll be able to log in tomorrow. Hopefully. That's coz I don't have a postgrad login yet...

I skivved off early today (hopefully Shayne, my supervisor, doesn't read this - he's in Sydney this week) coz there wasn't much to do... fill out paperwork and that kind of thing (which should last the whole week, considering how much of the stuff ANU has mailed/emailed me over the past few weeks). I've got a book to read too, Doctorates Downunder - written by a bunch of academics (all PhDs) about life of a PhD student in Australia (and a few from NZ too).

I got the corner desk (the BEST one because I get two walls of windows are furthest from the door and it's impossible to see my computer unless you're past the partition) in the PhD room so I'm happy ^_^ Unfortunately the last occupant hadn't completely cleared out their stuff so I had to spend a few minutes emptying the drawers and clearing the assorted detritus off the shelves. The desk looks like a candidate for a major cleaning job though and I'm afraid to turn the keyboard upside-down...

Well lots of news today - especially compared to the last few weeks. Guess that's the difference between holidays and non-holidays.

Take care everyone

- Luke

PS: oh yeah and 50th comic too :)


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By Raph at 10:56pm 25th February 2008
Just you wait till your workstation takes 15 min to load everything up. That made me use a Mac (shh, don't tell Leo).
If your computer doesn't crash, things will look up soon, hopefully.
By James at 4:42pm 26th February 2008
You get a computer? News to me!
By Jarrett at 12:14am 28th February 2008
woo macs! how often are you around dude?
By ComicWriterLuke at 8:03am 28th February 2008
I'm around every day - I have to put in 40hrs a week (well, I'm _supposed_ to put in 40hrs a week). At the moment I'm in early enough that no-one else is in the DCS building, but since I currently don't have much to do I tend to leave early.
By ComicWriterLukeAgain at 8:04am 28th February 2008
oh, and I see you were up at 12:17am or so, Jarrett - and it's not even week 2 yet!
By Jarrett at 11:56pm 28th February 2008
you should know i only sleep in the day... lol i'm around uni every day, we oughta run into each other at some point.. i LOVE 5 9am starts!! (i thought that crap was over after first year..)
By Raph at 9:28pm 29th February 2008
You wish! :-)
By SetiGal at 4:11pm 4th March 2008
dude same thing happening to me :( can u get a student card??? i cant!!