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51. Leap Comic

1st March 2008
See comic for why I didn't upload a new comic yesterday.

And in Rohan's defence, at least this bug only occurs once every four years unlike another date bug in another program we both worked on.

Regular comic service resumes on Monday. With the slight possibility of going to a three-a-week update too.

- Luke


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By Erica at 10:04pm 1st March 2008
By Rohan at 10:06pm 1st March 2008
3 a week? I guess doing a PHD gives you time for writing comics :p
By Jarrett at 12:14am 2nd March 2008
LOL also!
By Raph at 7:46am 2nd March 2008
I think thrice weekly seems to be more of a hope ('slight possibility') than actually having the time.
I was hoping that the entire server crashed and the ANU network went into fuzzyland in this comic - the Y2LEAP bug. :-)