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52. Dee-Doo

3rd March 2008
Yes, my phone *actually* makes that sound when it's battery is running low...

And yes, I forgot to charge up my phone the night before we put the car into service and I was expecting a phone call...


In other news, not much has happened for my PhD. However, I am definitely tutoring (COMP3110, for anyone who wants to know) this semester. Eeek. However, it is a two-tutor tute so Lynette (the lecturer) will also be there, so if I run into any problems it's not like I won't be the only one there.

- Luke


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By SetiGal at 4:13pm 4th March 2008
awwwwww. did u live?
By luke1 at 2:06pm 12th March 2008
ooooohhhh...... metametametametametametametametametametametametametametametametametameta