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53. Deja Vu

7th March 2008
Yeah, it took us a few more minutes after that to actually get it working - not having a home directory for Linux really causes problems ;)

Sorry about the lack of update on Wednesday - I completely forgot about it!

No real other news - I've progressed to reading some papers and looking around to see what other people have already done in the areas I'm interested in for my PhD.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

- Luke


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By Raph at 7:23pm 7th March 2008
You know why? It's a Dell. As soon as you type in the last word of your thesis, the power supply will explode.

And R.I.P. Gary Gygax (you might that book spine very hard to read).

Have a good long weekend.
By Jarrett at 12:55am 8th March 2008
see, you gotta switch! lol i'm such a mad mac convert. mind you this weekend i'll be building a hackintosh, if all goes to plan, so i still have my pc chops.
are you working in linux mostly for your phd?
i echo that RIP btw raph! good night, sweet prince..
By James at 4:14pm 11th March 2008
Schweet, I have hair! Hey, wait a minute, it did not give an error. It just pushed you out again, 'cause it could not write temp KDE files.
By get a mac at 2:07pm 12th March 2008
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