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55. The other side of the classroom

14th March 2008
cspv1 currently updates every Monday and Friday (excluding freak occasions such as the 29th of Feburary or me being physically unable to draw and/or upload the comic).

I have hinted in the past that I may be going to a three-a-week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) update schedule, but I'm holding off on that until I'm sure I can sustain enough material to keep that up. I personally really dislike random-update comics (although there are a few that I like enough to continue reading, such as Order of the Stick - whose writer is somewhat unwell and thus the random update schedule is understandable), so I really don't want to do that with mine.

Anyway, if you haven't heard, I'm tutoring (I might have mentioned this is a previous comic news post) this semester... which is kind of freaky. Considering I just graduated last year, and I'm tutoring _masters students_ who are way older than I am in some cases...

And this weekend, not only do I get to experience skyfire in person for the first time since I was a little kiddie and was scared of the loud noises, I also get to experience the joys of marking (!).

- Luke


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By csrins at 10:45pm 14th March 2008
The wise-one speaks:
Remember, when a Masters student is unsure of answers that's flip-flopping" but in the case of a PhD candidate it's called "maturing"!"
By Raiph at 12:08am 15th March 2008
Marking, oh how I can relate. Have fun. Mark a paper, have a Malteser. Mark a paper,...
By Raph at 4:00pm 16th March 2008
As long it is not Mark a paper have a glass of wine mark a paper..." your marks will remain uncontestable for a short period of time. :-)"
By Rohan at 4:44pm 17th March 2008
Skyfire was pretty spiffy :) Maybe you could start drawing an extra comic on Wednesdays, but only post on Monday & Friday, and build up a backlog?