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56. How many do you think it takes?

17th March 2008
- Skyfire requires a radio.
- No-one has a portable radio.
- Therefore, go out and buy portable radio (and batteries) before skyfire.
- Need to put batteries in portable radio.
- Logical people to put get the radio working are the two software engineers (who theoretically should be the best with technology).
- The two software engineers fail miserably in getting the radio working. Eventually required the help of a lawyer (who then needed help putting the cover back on).

Some things I noticed are that engineers tend to think they know better than the people who write manuals and instructions (and little diagrams showing you which way around the batteries go), but lawyers are really good at following instructions.

Still, we got it working in the end! :)

- Luke


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By A at 11:31am 18th March 2008
Pfftt. Software Engineers WRITE manuals. Losers READ them. heh
By Jarrett at 6:10pm 18th March 2008
yeah man, engineers don't need manuals! now how do i post this comment...... dammit where's your FAQ
By csrins at 11:25am 24th March 2008
duh! Are lawyers smarter than lemmings?