Code Spammer's Paradise

59. Excess Wiring

24th March 2008
I herby name today Really Bad Puns day.

I did want to do a different comic today, but it'll come on Wednesday when I can be bothered doing something that's not so much of a copy-paste effort in terms of graphics. Meh, I'm on holiday this weekend!

- Luke


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By csrins at 10:08pm 24th March 2008
Neat shelf! Let's hope it stays that way though!
BTW, what's the green book thingy?
By jarrett at 10:46pm 24th March 2008
can you believe i actually had to buy a vga cable the other day? i though i was rid of the stench of analogue.. but NO!
By James at 3:40pm 25th March 2008
Fool! you should have asked TSG.
By Raph at 8:21pm 25th March 2008
Hehe, that was funny. Good work!