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6. Carpet Skates

24th September 2007
Thinkgeek sells Carpet Skates [ ] - go figure. They're possibly the most silly yet awesome thing I've seen in a while...

In other news, you might have noticed the updates on Mondays and sometimes Fridays line at the top - pretty much it's a guaranteed Monday update (since I can do it over the weekend) and a Friday update if I have time during the week to squeeze one out. RSS feed will be kept updated!

Related to that the RSS feed mostly works except if you're using something that's picky about the source type since googlepages technically doesn't support RSS and serves the .rss file (and .xml for that matter) as application/octet-stream rather than the proper application/rss+xml or application/xml MIME types. However it works on Firefox 2 and that's all that matters.

Hopefully a new update on Friday and I've got plenty of material (at the expense of a lot of my friends who hopefully won't hate me too much afterwards)...

- Luke


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