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60. Manbags Evolved

26th March 2008
In other news, rimless glasses with white frames are a pain in the rear to draw in stick-figure comic.

Still haven't gotten any reading done... and I really have to get through the papers I've found so far and actually take notes before my supervisor comes back from Paris...

Back to procrastination!

- Luke


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By csrins at 9:17pm 26th March 2008
The glasses may be a pain to draw, but you've captured the coolness factor to the tee!
By Raph at 10:42pm 26th March 2008
AARRRGGGHHH! My eyes! They hurt!
By A at 8:52am 27th March 2008
You know you love that sexy little thing!
By ComicWriterLuke at 9:15am 27th March 2008
Raph> huh?

A> I stand by my comment of technologically cool, questionably fashionable...
By B at 11:58am 27th March 2008
Luke starts thinking seriously about the world of fashion.
I'm shocked :P
By Erica at 4:13pm 27th March 2008
Luke, I want that handbag! That's a lovely handbag!
By Jeff at 7:53pm 27th March 2008
With the price of THAT handbad, I wouldn't mind it either.
By James Alexander Haddock at 8:41am 28th March 2008
we know you wouldnt mate and you will be happy to hear it comes in pink too
By Raph at 11:08pm 28th March 2008
Needless to say, Luke, those glasses hurt my eyes.
By SetiGal at 6:52pm 2nd April 2008
love how the coffee has appeared moo :D makes the comic sooooooooo much more believeable :P