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61. Runaway Heaters...

28th March 2008
Well, the PhD Group Area for some reason is heated way more than the rest of the building when it's cold outside, and cooled way more than the rest of the building when it's hot outside.

Which means, that since last night was freezing, the heating was running this morning and so the room was pretty much like a blast furnace.

At least divorced from my computer today, I actually managed to get some reading done - if I'm not distracted by surfing the internet, I'm surprisingly productive.

And I've come up with some rather different possibly PhD topics that I think I'll enjoy more than my current 'draft' one...

And an email I got just after 4pm:

Hey eveyone
Have a much cooler weekend.

And yes we did put that warning sign on the door too.

Hope everyone else has a good reasonably-temperatured weekend!

- Luke sorry its been so hot there lately. I have submitted a request to facilities and services to fix this and all we can do is wait. Hopefully it will be ok by monday.


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By Rohan at 9:49pm 1st April 2008
Mmm, blast furnace :D