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62. Pun #742

1st April 2008
Don't ask about the pink fluffy (although you can't tell from the line art) bunny. Please.

Back to five-day weeks, after 3 four-day weeks. Not fun... especially since stupid daylight savings lasts for another week. Sun rising at 7:15 == Not being able to wake up early enough => Having to rush to get out of the house on time.

Take care everyone,

- Luke


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By SetiGal at 6:54pm 2nd April 2008
I wuv the bunny!!!! P.S. why is my hair not reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed?
By B at 11:32am 3rd April 2008

My puns here have been a little lacklustre without you guys

Oh and I'll be back in Canberra for about a week at the end of April!