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63. The other side of the pen

2nd April 2008
Hmm... no-one seems to have complained that I uploaded the previous comic on Tuesday morning instead of Monday night.

They still haven't gotten their actual feedback back yet - that's tomorrow's tute. And they're nowhere near as bad as the comic might imply they are, either =)

I'm currently suffering from PhD Topic Uncertainty - trying to find out what's already been done, let alone something new, is harder than it looks.

- Luke


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By Raiph at 8:23pm 2nd April 2008
Marking can be fun. According to one of my year 10s: Parabolas are useful for satellite dishes so we can get pay tv and the Internet the two things that hold our society together.""
By Jack at 9:05pm 2nd April 2008
Raiph: Are you teaching at Radford, perchance? My cousin is in year 10 there and had an assignment on parabolae recently.
By Jeff at 10:49pm 2nd April 2008
Aaargh! I just finished doing that an hour ago. I swear, sometimes they get it worng on purpose.

That said, the play of the day" involved students trying to change answers to their prelab questions after I gave them the solution in lab. Must say it is rather obvious when they use a different colour pen AND I eyeball them first...

Oh and I love the students who go
"There's no way he'll actually do the maths and check my error so I'll just put in a value that looks right and hope."
They're absolutely right."
By James at 12:20am 3rd April 2008
mate just sit back relax and remember they are paying you to do this:)
By Jarrett at 12:23am 3rd April 2008
i will very possibly sponsor your entire phd if you can make it in some way about ninjas or pirates, luke.
By Bekee at 9:32am 3rd April 2008
I want to see you say that to your class. Please? IT WOULD BE AWESOME.
By Rohan at 9:58pm 3rd April 2008
Parabolas: :D