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64. Never-ending Caffeinated Beverage

4th April 2008
Unfortunately, it did eventually run out. After 375ml, of course ;)

In tutoring-related news, no-one's brains melted and I didn't manage to make anyone cry. They're all third years, so they're past the whole 'getting really depressed coz they only got 3/5 for an exercise' thing. Well, at least I hope they are.

My supervisor's back from Paris, and it looks like there's a good topic in the works and we'll be bashing it out next week, I hope.

Have a good weekend everyone!

- Luke


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By Bekee at 11:31pm 4th April 2008
I ate my burger really fast! *gulp* Mmmmmmmmm...
By Jeff at 11:50pm 4th April 2008
Burger?!! What about wedges?

I've created a monster!!!!!

On an unrelated note, sorry for not making it guys. I was at the careers fair instead, trying to decide what to do next year. Apparently the people in sharemarket options trading really want me - over $100k salary too!!! This is despite me not knowing a thing about shares... And what's an option?
By Leo at 10:27am 5th April 2008
An option is a financial instrument that is a contract between two parties pertaining to the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell something in the future.

For example, if I sold you (call) options on coffee beans for May, it means that you have the right in May to use your call option to make me sell you coffee beans. If I can't, then I'm in violation of the option contract... and generally that involves a financial penalty.

And there was WAAAAY more coke in that can than 375mL...
By erica at 3:19pm 8th April 2008
ah! im drowning... drroooownning! gag!