Code Spammer's Paradise

65. What goes around comes around...

7th April 2008
I had to do the obligatory extra-1-hour-of-sleep-time comic...

Erica, your requested comic is coming on Wednesday - I've already drawn it up, so it's in the pipeline...

At least it's easier to wake up early now, so my sleep schedule is slightly better now (11:30ish to 6:30, rather than my previous 12:30ish to 6:30).

Hope everyone enjoyed their 49 hour weekend!

- Luke


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By csrins at 6:13am 8th April 2008
There's this one about a bird and a worm... in related news a similar change in daylight saving schedules meant hundreds of millions were spent on adjusting computer systems." Really?"
By eolh at 3:12pm 8th April 2008
The Horrors of DLS!
By erica at 3:17pm 8th April 2008
heheh.. woot!
By TRYANDGUESS at 3:30pm 8th April 2008