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73. It's a level 4 Scientist (Physicist) spell, new in 4th ed

28th April 2008
Conjure meat pie!

Basically, the aforementioned physicist managed to somehow pull two meat pies out of apparently thin air while we were all having lunch last week.

Some backstory as to why this is slightly amusing:

Two of us had previously tried to determine exactly what a physicist does - the non-software engineers had a vague idea of what a software engineer does (it's kind of like programming a computer, but with more words), the non-lawyers had a vague idea of what a lawyer does (we've all seen law and order at some stage...), and the non-economists had a vague idea of what an economist does (something to do with numbers and stats and making stuff up). However, we all had no idea what a physicist does... the closest thing we could come up with was whack really really really tiny things together and hope that they don't make black holes.

Thus when the physicist apparently started pulling meat pies out of thin air we thought we finally figured it out: Physicists have this strange ability to create food out of nothing whenever they're hungry.


Sadly this isn't the case - he just had them hidden in his apparently bottomless bag. But that's another story...

- Luke


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By csrins at 11:07pm 28th April 2008
That's why they call those bottomless bags potential" wells!"
By James at 3:05pm 29th April 2008
Yay 4th edition! He's referring to the upcoming Dungeon & Dragons, btw. Not Shadowrun.
By jarrett at 12:27pm 30th April 2008
i think he just procced a bonus while using his cooking talent..
By ComicWriterLuke at 9:02pm 30th April 2008
Hmm... it's not letting me upload the comic tonight. Methinks it breaks on the last day of certain months, but I'm not sure. Comic will be up tomorrow morning!