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77. Distractions...

8th May 2008
Sorry it's late everyone :(

Sins of a Solar Empire.

Meh, I'm a sucker for cool space games, and I've been waiting for one like this for a while (an empire-builder space RTS). Looks cool, addictive.

There goes my weekend...

- Luke


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By eolh at 3:30pm 9th May 2008
Wahhaa! I want GalCiv2 dammit. (also makers of Sins of a Solar Empire)
By ComicWriterLuke at 6:23pm 9th May 2008
I had a copy of GalCiv2 yonks ago, but it's gone walkabout... I'm remember lending it to someone, but I can't remember who...
By Jeff at 11:49pm 9th May 2008
Well, I remember having it before the person who lost it...
I forget who it was too though. =(