Code Spammer's Paradise

8. The Coffee Quartet

1st October 2007
I don't expect many of you to get this one, but it happened to us. Every Monday, the four of us meet up at the Street Theatre Cafe to have lunch (originally it was coffee, but we got hungry)... and we've been doing so for so long that now we don't even have to order and we still get what we want.

My public holiday didn't turn out to be much of a public holiday - spent the day beavering away at project code, with no discernable difference (except now I really really hate SQL, instead of just really hating it). But we'll have something cool to demo in the presentation, and that's what counts. Hopefully my other group members (who may be reading this - you know who you are!) will pull through with their parts...

Back to uni tomorrow. Sigh.


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