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80. We remember as much of year 8 english as a goldfish would...

14th May 2008
Yeah, Leo actually came up with that one way back in year 8 english when we first learnt about metaphors and similes.

And yes, it's supposed to be bad joke on the artwork too.

- Luke


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By Leo at 8:09pm 14th May 2008
And he still is.
By Raiph at 8:46pm 14th May 2008
Can you believe that we're in the Radford Strategic Plan! The photo is stretched so Luke's not quite so thin.
By Bekee at 8:09am 15th May 2008
I want to see this Straegic Plan"!"
By Bekee at 8:11am 15th May 2008
It is obviously too early for me to be able to spell properly... :P
By James at 8:45am 16th May 2008
LOL check out Raiph, Leo and Jeff on the bottom of page 5 thats so old it looks like year 8.