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82. Some things stay the same...

19th May 2008
I'm getting there... slowly. Also, since the deadline is in various places technically due between 3 and 6 months in, I'm not sure exactly when it's due, but I should have most of a final copy by the end of this week, so it'll be in by early next week.

I've been wanting to do more programming/code comics, except I've got the slight problem that I'm not actually doing any programming or code by myself at the moment, so I don't have any material in that direction which I've actually experienced myself.

Oh well, I still have two pages of notes for comics, so the backlog is still there (the problem is that I'm too lazy to draw completely new art most of the time, which is why I still have that many unimplemented comic ideas).

See you all on Wednesday,

- Luke


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By Bekee at 12:25pm 20th May 2008
By B at 2:26pm 20th May 2008
I noticed it too, I was similarly impressed :D