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9. Work vs Play

5th October 2007
So, this sequence of events (with a little bit of fluffing around with wireless ad-hoc networks, 480Mb Quake3 file transfers at 24kb/sec, and the flash drive featured above) pretty much happened yesterday afternoon. And it was memorable enough to document in the comic, but those of you who weren't there will just shake your heads in disbelief at the way we manage to go so completely off-track while working, within about half an hour.

Here's a challenge, try to figure out who everyone is based purely on their hair colour and what they're saying (and what project they're on... and what laptop they're using)... first one to email me with the right answer gets immunity from silly strips about them for the next week!

I thought about trying to do hairstyles from above, but I have enough problems with hairstyles as it is...

Finally, in other news: FIVE AND A HALF MORE WEEKS AND I'M FREE!!!!! And then I'll run out of webcomic material, which may cause problems - don't blame me if the Summer holidays bring 16 consecutive strips of me on the couch watching DVDs...

- Luke


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