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92. The Meaning of Coffee, #3

11th June 2008
I don't even know if it's possible to have a light soy latte but it's the idea that counts. And what's the point of decaf coffee anyway - isn't the whole reason for coffee caffeine?

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- Luke


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By jarrett at 2:01pm 12th June 2008
gotta love the people who go for the extra-grade 'skinny' mochalatte too! bigger + skinnier = THE SAME
By eolh at 3:09pm 13th June 2008
Because people want choice. Plus lite milk tastes different. Okay, I lie, people don't want choice. They want less choices. Ask McDonalds.
By Bunbun at 3:51pm 16th June 2008
hey moo can you add a 'share on facebook' application to ur webcomic?
By Rohan at 10:51pm 17th June 2008
Hmm, that might be a good idea *ponders*
By Rohan at 5:59pm 18th June 2008
aaaand, implemented! Yay for rapid development :D
By Erica at 10:36pm 28th July 2008
its so i can drink it without going insane, Rohan can vouch for me on this one.