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94. I wonder if you could use this to get a square peg into a round hole?

16th June 2008
Well, it's true!

... for paper, at least.

- Luke


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By Raiph at 7:16pm 16th June 2008
Ummmm, well, actually I had this chat with my year 8s at the end of last week. Once you get to the (sub)atomic level you wouldn't be able to cut off the corners. Question is then, is there any such thing as a perfect circle in nature or is it only a mathematical object? I think it's the latter.
By Jack at 9:52pm 16th June 2008
It's a mathematical ideal, but the aliasing can be so small that you'd never notice.

(I'll just take the mathematical ideal anyway. Screw reality.)
By Leo at 9:59pm 16th June 2008
Newton's Fourth Law of Geometry: The number of corners you need to cut to find a circle is inversely related to how pedantic you are.
By ComicWriterLuke at 10:16am 17th June 2008
According to the comic, it takes five snips to turn a square into a circle...

Obviously, some artistic license is involved.
By Rohan at 10:53pm 17th June 2008
You just need to make the edge-lengths smaller than a pixel (yay for comp graphics course :) )
By Jarrett at 10:55pm 17th June 2008
just use your circular hole punch. the manufacturing costs are far lower and the end result is closer to spec.
By James at 5:32pm 18th June 2008
Or you could just turn the hole into a square with an angle grinder- or it this to simple for people
By Rohan at 5:59pm 18th June 2008
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By Erica at 10:33pm 28th July 2008