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96. Literaly Analysis

20th June 2008
I'm surrounded by people who take statements seriously... see

I'm also surrounded by people with black hair - I'm _sure_ there's someone else with the exact same hairstyle as the character on the left, but I'm not sure who.

If you don't understand the comic, read the third line again...

Anyway, you finally meet two of the other PhD-ers... in stick-figure form at least.

Three more comics. I better get started on the centenary one...

- Luke


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By S at 7:39pm 20th June 2008
By Jack at 7:53pm 20th June 2008
That rocks. At least one of your co-PhD-ers has an excellent sense of humour.
By Rohan at 7:18pm 22nd June 2008
Those eyebrows are creeping me out!
By Jack at 7:35am 23rd June 2008
Why? The mouths are commas and the eyebrows are parens. Welcome to punctuation-land!