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97. A plethora of exams...

23rd June 2008
We had this discussion over lunch, and all of us agree that taking exams is much more stressful than marking them - after all, you're only failing other people when you're marking, whereas you're failing YOURSELF if you're doing them!

Plus, you usually get paid for marking exams, whereas you have to pay to do exams (or at least, pay to do the course).

Take care, and good luck to everyone who hasn't quite finished for this semester yet!

- Luke


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By Bekee at 7:07pm 23rd June 2008

I have finished.
By S at 7:21pm 23rd June 2008
See? Marking's already made you wiser ;)
By Raiph at 10:32pm 23rd June 2008
Just be glad you don't need to write reports!